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The Ralph and Eve Seelye Charitable Trust Fund provides for Visiting Fellowships in any Faculty or Large Scale Research Institute of the University. These awards aim to attract eminent scholars in their chosen areas and will entail the sharing of gained information and knowledge with a wide academic audience and, if applicable, the wider public.

Information for applicants

Seelye Fellowships

The Ralph and Eve Seelye Charitable Trust Fund will provide annually a number of Fellowships across all Faculties or Large Scale Research Institutes. These aim to attract the best academic talent to Auckland. All incoming Fellows must give at least one public lecture or equivalent in Auckland during their Fellowship

Value Of Seelye Fellowships

Each Fellowship will be worth $10,000 to $20,000. The grant must be used to cover all accommodation, travel and general expenses. Nominations must be accompanied by a provisional budget and all expenditure should be accounted for in the report submitted on completion of the fellowship.

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